Great customer service is everything to us. It’s the fundamental purpose behind the values that shape the way we work. It’s the difference between being one of the crowd and standing out as a fantastic bank that customers love. Join us and that’s the difference you’ll make day after day.

We’re a digital-first bank, harnessing technology to help people manage their finance themselves. But the phone is still one of our most powerful customer service tools – especially when there’s someone like you at the other end. Now, as more people make the most of our self-service platforms, customers are calling with ever more in-depth queries. We’re there to make it easy. With every call, we have a fresh chance to turn everyday banking and insurance into an exceptional experience. And we take thousands every day.

As you can imagine, that means things get pretty lively in our contact centres. It’s a great place for people who thrive in a busy atmosphere, never losing their focus on great service. So even when things are all go, they’re all good.

If that sounds like you, you’ll fit right in with our customer service family. Whether in Glasgow or Newcastle, you’ll find a vibrant, open working environment and a team that’s as friendly as it is supportive. We’ll help you settle into the role, make the most of your potential and find a rewarding career as one of us.

Our Customer Service Team on why you should join us“There is a real energy and buzz in both the Glasgow and in Newcastle Contact Centres. You can feel it – you can feel the energy. Everyone really wants to do a good job - they are keen, they are eager, and people are so friendly and outgoing”

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